Time Synhcronization through Wireless Sensor Network. Beandevice are synhcronized with your PC/PLC clock with an accuracy less than 5ms.

Beanair provides New Functions over a Wireless Sensor Network

BeanAir® is proud to announce new functions coming with our Wireless Sensors products:

  • Time Synchronization: A time-synchronization (with an accuracy of 5ms) over Beanair Wireless Sensor Network is provided. The user can launch a data acquisition at the same time;
  • OPC server fully compliant with Streaming and Streaming packet mode: The OPC server provided with the BeanScape® Premium+ is now compatible with Streaming/Streaming Packet mode;
  • Commissioning mode: Commissioning mode allows the user to start a data acquisition on request;
  •  Multicast: The user can multicast a command to a group of Beandevice®. Therefore, the Beandevice® confiuration becomes easier and faster;
  •  Streaming data acquisition mode comes with advanced options;

Check this Document for further details:  Click Here   

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