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Interview with N. Drake, from SD System Solutions (UK)

interview-sdssCan you describe your business?

“We work on System Integration (Control Panels, PLC, SCADA and MES Systems).

SD System Solutions Ltd performs industrial automation activities primarily in the Pharmaceutical sector. We write and install monitor and control manufacturing activities, conforming to regulatory requirements imposed on the Pharmaceutical sector by bodies such as the FDA.

We install EMS (Environmental Monitoring Systems) into buildings and Stability suites recording long term storage data 365 days a year. Pharma-ceutical facilities perform a large amount of laboratory testing on product samples; these samples are stored in small mobile fridges and freezers which make them impractical for hard wiring and perfect for small compact wireless devices.

We also provide services to any process industry (Food, Oil and Gas etc).”

Who are the main clients and partners you work with?

“Our main client is GlaxoSmithKline; who we do automation (Siemens, Allen Bradley) and information management (AspenTech) work for in Europe and North America.

BeanAir®, a French manufacturer and designer of smart and rugged Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) dedi-cated to industrial machine monitoring, embedded measurement, structural engineering, energy management solution, isolated sites & process industry. BeanAir® provides wireless sensors for both dynamic measure-ment (vibration, shock and deformation) as well as static measurement (temperature, humidity, tilt, binary and analog measurement). Its wireless technology has a very high availability rate in harsh environments.

We do not have any partner agreements other than with BeanAir®; we install best fit solutions to ensure our clients get the best system.”

What do you think about BeanAir products?

“The products offered by BeanAir® are very good value for money. They are reliable, easy to install (plug and play) but still offer the flexibility to configure to meet specific installation needs. The software provided can be integrated easily to other systems using OPC. The option of using products that can use just battery/just power or a battery backed power option is very useful.

Prior to utilizing BeanAir® products we did a detailed assessment of a short-list of 5 Wireless providers that could provide the products we required – in total we researched 20+ systems. Only BeanAir® devices met our client’s requirements that sensors have good wireless signal, could be calibrated to a small margin of error, contain an integral data logger facility and have soft-ware that could easily be integrated into existing systems (OPC provides this facility).”

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